Status Of Your Contract

At some point in the past you will have agreed to a contract, either verbally or in writing, with your current supplier. You should have either a copy of the contract or a letter from the supplier explaining the conditions of the contract that you agreed to. The contract will be for a fixed period typically 12, 24 or 36 months or up until a specific date.

It may be that you are midway through the current term and you will not be able to terminate and transfer to another supplier without some level of financial penalty.

If you do not have a copy or record of any contract contact the Customer Services Department of your current supplier and advise them of your appropriate supply number:

  • Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) for electricity
  • Meter Point Reference Number (MPR) for gas

You will find reference to these on your respective utility bills. With this information the supplier should be able to advise the current status of your contract. If you are in a contract ask them to advise the date your contract is due to expire and what period of notice is required should you elect to transfer to another supplier. We would recommend that you take the name of the operative that you spoke to and make a note of the time and date that you had the conversation. Often calls are recorded and you will therefore have a record of your call should there be a dispute at some stage in the future.

If you are advised that you are not in a contract you are free to move to another supplier. We would recommend that you do not automatically accept any renewal offer that the supplier provides you with as it may not be the most competitive offer available. It is always worth shopping around.

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