Notice Periods and Terminating Contracts

If you are in a contract you should establish the contract end date and how much notice you will need to give your supplier. This will be contained in your supplier’s Terms and Conditions.

If you do not have a copy, contact your supplier and ask them for confirmation of the Terms and Conditions regarding serving notice. If your supplier advises that you are in contract, it may be worth requesting that a copy of the original signed agreement is sent to you for your records. It is essential that you are told when the expiry date is due and we would suggest that you do not accept a response that you will be contacted at the appropriate time.

Different suppliers have varying Terms and Conditions with regard to notice of termination and it is very important that you establish what is applicable to you. Failure to tender notice following the correct procedure can result in the automatic rollover of your contract at uncompetitive rates.

We would also recommend that you tender notice in writing either by email or by letter sent by recorded delivery so that there can be no dispute about receipt. We would also recommend that you request your supplier acknowledges receipt of your request to terminate.

Download a copy of our standard Letter of Contract Termination by clicking here.

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