Selecting Suppliers For Your Business

While it is important cost should not be the only determining factor when you are selecting a new gas or electricity supplier for your business energy. Other factors such as customer service, the length of contracts available, payment options, the logging of meter readings and the suppliers’ general Terms and Conditions should also be considered.

Utility Costs

Always make sure that you are comparing like for like. For example some suppliers will apply a daily standing charge while others will choose to waiver this in favour of a higher price per kWh. You should therefore be aware of what your estimated annual consumption is in kWhs so that you can calculate what the cost will be with either option.

For gas contracts always establish whether there are Take or Pay clauses associated with the offer as either an over or under consumption of the anticipated annual consumption could lead to a financial penalty.

Like most things, sometimes the cheapest is not always the best value if the supplier you are considering does not have a reputation for good customer service.  We will be pleased to advise you on this and you can see the star ratings we allocate on our web site to each supplier.

Length of Contract

There are different contract lengths, including a 28 day rolling agreement, which effectively means that you are not tied to the supplier for an extended period.

Fixed contracts vary from 1 to 3 years and some may be fixed to a specific date.

Some customers prefer to have the security of a longer term contract, while others prefer to have the opportunity of changing suppliers more frequently.  Changing frequently does not always provide the best value as the recent, steady increase in prices has shown.

Payment Terms

Payment is either by direct debit or by cash or cheque.  Payment by direct debit is normally reflected by lower rates. Please note that some Companies will only offer direct debit payment terms.

Termination Clause

In selecting a supplier it is imperative that you are aware of their termination clauses.  This enables you to plan for the end of your contract and reduces the chance of it being automatically rolled into a new term, often at much higher prices.  Please use our Contract Renewal Alert Service to assist you in avoiding automatic renewals.

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