Switching Process

When you have selected the new supplier a contract will be sent to you for verification and completion. Once we have received it back from you we will check it and forward it on to the supplier for registration.

The process differs from supplier to supplier but broadly follows the following steps:-

At the appropriate time the newly appointed supplier will request the transfer from your existing supplier who has the option to object to the transfer for any of the following reasons.

  • There is an outstanding debt on the account.
  • The current contract has not been terminated in accordance to its terms and conditions.
  • The contract end date advised is incorrect.

If an objection is lodged you will need to contact your current supplier to ensure that the objection is removed.  Once this is done we can advise the new supplier to request for the transfer again.

Suppliers vary, but generally once they know that your current supplier is not going to object they will send you a welcome pack and request that you take a reading on the day of the transfer.  This will be used if they have not arranged for a separate reading to be taken. You should also advise the same reading to your outgoing supplier as they will use this on your final bill.

Finally, once your new supplier is in place remember what their termination clauses are.  Diarise when you will need to review any renewal offer from your supplier to extend the contract.  This will help you establish whether you will get better value by changing suppliers.

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