Through our industry contacts and group buying power Utility Matters has access to some of the lowest business gas prices from the UK’s leading suppliers. These will be lower than those published on our online cost calculator and there is often scope to have the contract term defined for a specific length of time.

Wholesale prices will typically apply if you have a site that consumes more than 150,000 kWhs per annum or where you have more than one business premise.

Prices are obtained from the wholesale market and are valid for the day of issue only. From registering your interest to us presenting quotes from a selection of suppliers normally takes two working days. Once you have selected your preferred offer we will raise the contracts and monitor and manage the transfer process.

This service is free as the supplier will pay our fee.

Don’t forget to check the status of your current contract as failure to provide sufficient termination notice will lead to automatic renewal at much higher rates.


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