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The minefield that is domestic energy prices


Finding the cheapest domestic energy prices can be a minefield, primarily because the big 6 suppliers will offer on line "acquisition" prices to hook people in. Unlike business gas and electricity contracts the prices are not fixed for a year, so while you sign up to the cheapest deal you do not know just how long it will remain the cheapest deal.   A product such as "On Line saver version 8" is a clue, what happened to the other 7 versions?  Are the people who signed up previously still getting the latest prices?  Of course not.

If you want the cheapest domestic energy prices then you need to be prepared to switch every time suppliers change their prices, which on average is twice a year.  If you want to do that then scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the comparison service.

We believe that 99% of people just want a fair deal.

The company we recommend do just that.  They do not have a multitude of tariffs, just simply 3 prices for your area, for low, medium and high consumptions, read flats, 3 bed semis and 4 bed detached, so that everyone gets a fair deal.

And now it just got even better.

Our preferred supplier offer a range of domestic utilities, with 4 main benefits,

  • one easy to read bill,
  • customer discount plan,
  • cash-back card giving discounts on your monthly bill
  • price guarantees.

Their continued success in recent years has seen them become company quoted on the UK250 index, the winner of the Financial Times small business award (you do well to be nominated let alone win it) and have various awards from independent review sites.

What just got better is that they are now offering a 10% discount on the energy bills to customers taking 4 of their services.  The discount is for the first year and payable on your first anniversary.

What are their other services?

Home phone - Guaranteed cheaper than BT or double money back.

Mobile phone - £10 for 300 minutes and unlimited texts, they claim the UK's cheapest.

Broadband - voted best value consistently for the last few years.

So to take their other services is not a risk.

In addition to the energy discount, customers can shop on line at over 2000 stores and receive discounts of their bills, for further discounts you can apply for a cash back card giving 3% to 7% off your shopping at a wide range of stores including Asda, Sainsbury, Argos and M&S.  Lastly they run a customer discount scheme whereby if you recommend the services you get a discount on your bill each month.

Call Steve Matthews on 01273 884034 to discuss this further.


Comparison Site

We have partnered with EnergyLinx so that you can search online to access and compare costs from the UK's leading gas and electricity suppliers. This service is independent of any supplier and therefore guarantees that you can benefit from the cheapest prices in the UK.

Suppliers change their prices on a regular basis and to fully benefit from the lowest offers available you should be looking to change supplier probably twice a year.

To start the process all you need is a previous utility bill to hand and then click on the logo below. Enter the information requested, wait for the search results and click to select your choice.