Energy Contract Audit

Our Energy Contract Audit will determine the current contractual situation, if any, with your gas and electricity suppliers. The Audit will

  • Identify any immediate savings that can be made
  • Enable you to control future utility procurement
  • Help prevent the chance of being "rolled" into a new contract term at much higher rates
  • Provide a timeline of activities to ensure future savings

Determining  your Contract Status and Notice Periods

If you want to make savings on your utility costs you will need to establish whether you are currently in a contract with your supplier. To obtain this information we will require a Letter of Authority from you. This will only allow us to obtain information; it does not allow us accept prices on your behalf or transfer your supplies. We will liaise with your supplier to determine the following

  • Contract start date
  • Contract end date (if any)
  • Termination notice required
  • Energy consumption for the previous 12 months

In many instances businesses are unaware of the small print in their supply contracts which specifies the notice period required for termination. Customers often assume that a 1 year fixed price contract is just that. What they fail to realise is that failure to terminate in accordance with the terms and conditions of their contract will result in being "rolled" into a further contract term at much higher rates. These can be as much as 50% above the prevailing market rates. These automatic renewal type of contracts are known as "evergreen" and to avoid the possibility of a substantial increase in cost need to be managed very carefully.

Immediate and Future Savings

Once we have completed the Audit we will produce a report covering your gas and electricicty supplies.

This will identify those contracts that are free to move and highlight the savings that can be made immediately. It will also indicate when other contracts need to be reviewed to ensure that they can either be renewed or switched to another supplier at the best financial terms available.

For an informal discussion please contact us via the Contract Audit Request page.