Through our industry contacts and group buying power we can request suppliers to tender wholesale gas and electricity prices which can often be much lower than those published by our cost calculator. This would mainly apply to either single or multi site locations where there is an annual consumption in excess of 150,000 kWhs. Prices are sourced from the wholesale energy markets (often using reverse auction techniques). The wholesale gas and electricity prices we negotiate are valid on the day of issue only.

For Wholesale Electricity Prices please click here and for   Wholesale Gas Prices please click here


Our free Energy Contract Audit will determine the current contract status you have with your existing gas or electricity supplier. The Audit will

  • Identify any immediate savings that can be made
  • Enable you to control any future gas and electricity procurement
  • Help prevent any automatic contract renewals at very high tariffs
  • Provide a timeline of activities to ensure futures savings to your utility bills.

To request a Contract Audit please click here.

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